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Developing innovative light therapy medical device to cure and prevent chronic diseases such as neurological, glandular, and genetic diseases  



Lit Amlima 

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Bed Amlima

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Globally, chronic diseases have affected the health and quality of life of many citizens. In the U.S.A alone

six in ten Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease, like heart disease and stroke, cancer, diabetes hypertension, and hepatitis. By 2030, the number of Americans suffering from at least one chronic illness is expected to reach 170 million. Most of these patients suffering from these illnesses have to take medications

to treat symptoms instead of the root causes.

Modern medicine’s victories over most of the microbial diseases and its success in surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, telemedicine and many other achievements must be commended. However, it is experiencing difficulties in conquering some idiopathic diseases such as neuropathology, glandular diseases, genetic diseases and other microbial diseases such as viral hepatitis, HIV-AIDS and Ebola. Why these failures? It is because modern medicine was not able to explore the human being in its entirety and discover that the organism’s defense and resistance reside in the soul, which is the creator and the maker. All human beings, generally speaking look alike morphologically, anatomically and physiologically. So, the creator used only one and single prototype to create all of them. 

With AMLIMA QUANTUM MEDICINE' s innovative medical device being developed, chronic illnesses such as genetic neurological and glandular diseases, viral hepatitises, internal and external lesions and birth defect will be treated at their root causes using a non-invasive and a combination of multiple wavelengths in the visible spectrum.

Bed Amlima consists of light therapy lamps and bed for curing or preventing of a vast range illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma and all types of cancer.

Our lamps are replacing sunbeams by suppling both positive and negative ions that penetrates all of the human organism to enable mutated genes repair, DNA replication and accomplishment of various functions. 

The light emitted by the lamps focuses on all seven major chakras which capture ions from the lamps to power themselves. Light emitted by the lamps is the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum only, so Lit Amlima does not emit any Ultraviolet or Infrared radiation. The lamps generate a small amount of heat necessary for the capturing of ions by chakras through the aura. 


Meet The Team


Sossou Mabudu

Inventor and Cofounder

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Messan .png

Messan Mabudu

Inventor and Cofounder

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Tse Mabudu

Inventor and Cofounder


Tel: +1 913-636-4898
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