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Specialty: Nerve and gland disorders - Genetic disorders-

Internal or External Lesions - Hepatitis - Tumors

The human organism is composed of two entities: the visible body and the invisible soul. The soul is a piece of God. With the help of its chakras (its transformers), it captures the ions of all the atoms that enter into the body composition from the ambient ionic field.

This immaterial, magnetic energy, which is transported by the autonomic nervous system and called breath of life by the Bible, agbegbongbon by the Adja and the Ewe, Wezou by the Kabyes, prana by the Indians and Yin Yang by the Chinese penetrates in all the cells to enable:

         1) Mutated genes repair

         2) DNA replication

         3) The fulfilment of various functions

But, when the vital force runs out, these physiological operations are not carried out properly and the cells lose memory of their functions. This causes dysfunctions namely; pollution, insufficient or excess secretion, degeneration, decrease in resistance to aggressions, growth disorders, psychic disorders, asthenia, tumors, paralysis, etc. 

This occurs mostly from the age of thirty-five when the rotation speed of chakras begins to decrease. These are the states we call disease and aging.

We replace the sun whose light beams diffuse both positive and negative ions throughout its system by appropriate electric lamps, placed in front of the chakras. The human organism resupplies itself adequately in ions. Mutated genes are reconstituted, DNAs replicate, cells recover their memory and function better, in fact well. The body recovers from the disturbed order: This is healing

Hence, a human being is a battery-powered machine with an invisible battery as the soul.

The vital life force is the ionic energy which maintains the memory of cells. It is the natural pharmacy. It is the world's first pharmacy, an inexhaustible pharmacy. It allows to ensure the prevention or cure of a great number of illnesses. Thanks to it, the Yogi or the accomplished mystic fulfils his inner peace. Well-mastered phototherapy is equivalent to mechanized Yoga.

Note: Amlima Phototherapy uses no drugs (herbal teas, balms, pharmaceuticals) no massages, nothing but light.

To learn more about the reaserch behind this technique of treatment, click below  

 Bed Amlima Treatment Principle

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